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CCIE Storage v2.0 实验考点蓝皮书




Implement FCP and FICON fibre channel features

Implement port channel, ISL, and trunking
Implement VSAN
Implement basic and enhanced zoning
Implement IVR, including IVR 2, IVR service groups, IVR static FCIDs
Implement traffic engineering
Implement port tracking
Implement Dynamic Port VSAN Membership
Implement Device Aliases
Implement CFS capable applications
Implement FC domain parameters
Implement FICON
Implement proper oversubscription
Implement standards-based and Cisco-specific FC-0 through FC-2 features
Implement SAN extension over optical
Implement fibre channel security features
Validate proper configuration of FCP and FICON fibre channel features


Implement switch interoperability

Implement and validate interoperability with third party switches


Implement IP Storage-based solutions

Implement IP features, including high-availability
Implement ISCSI, including advanced features
Implement SAN Extension Tuner
Implement Network Simulator
Implement ISLB
Implement ISNS
Implement FCIP and security features
Implement iSCSI security features
Validate proper configuration of IP Storage-based solutions


Implement SAN management

Implement Performance Manager
Implement NTOP
Implement Fabric Manager and Device Manager
Implement CLI variables, aliases, scripting, and Command Scheduler
Implement Call Home, SNMP, and RMON features
Implement IPFC
Configure licensing for compliance
Implement SAN Management security features
Implement AAA services
Verify performance statistics
Validate proper configuration of SAN Management
CCIE Storage Resources

Implement Cisco intelligent storage services

Implement Fibre channel write acceleration
Implement SANTap
Implement SME
Implement DMM
Implement Storage virtualization
Implement SDV
Validate proper configuration of Cisco intelligent storage services


Troubleshoot SAN infrastructure

Troubleshoot problems and failures using Command Line Diagnostic tools, show and
debug commands, and GUI
Capture and analyze fibre channel flows using FCAnalyzer, SPAN, and RSPAN
Troubleshoot using RMON, SNMP, and Call Home for detecting problems
Configure and interpret the various system logs
Troubleshoot problems with switch recovery, upgrades, and rollbacks




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